BIGS Flavors

It all starts with a seed. It doesn’t matter what flavors you put on it if the seeds themselves don’t taste great. That’s why BIGS uses only the biggest and best sunflower seeds from the outer rim of the flower. Our seeds give a satisfying crunch and a big kernel payoff. Then we toss them with spices, ranging from simple salt to the sour, garlicky taste of pickles.

Go ahead. Crack a smile.

77118_BIGS_DILL_5point35_2_2014 77118_BIGS_OLDBAYCOD_5point35_2_2014 77118_BIGS_HEINZSV_5point35_2_2014
77118_BIGS_HVRANCH_5point35_2_2014 77118_BIGS_FRANKSBUFFWING_5point35_2_2014 77118_BIGS_BACON_5point35_2_2014